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Eco Friendly Black and White Film Development?

Hello everyone! Its been a little while and we’ve been thinking…how would you feel about us doing some Eco Friendly Black and White Film Development here at French Broad Imaging? We’re thinking about doing this on Wednesdays primarily (unless your in a crunch and need it right away for some reason) at $10 for development and low quality scans of the whole batch. And of course we can make prints from your film on whatever paper and however big you need for the standard cost of the prints. What are your thoughts? Give us a shout!


New Monitor Calibration Service!

We are excited to announce that we will now be offering a monitor calibration service so that our customers can work in a color accurate environment on their home computers or laptops so that when you edit your photos what you see and what we print will be the same! It is $50 to install the software and do the initial calibration and it is $10 for each additional calibration on your computer there after. We use a Color Munki for the calibrations. It is recommended to recalibrate your monitor every 1-3 months because of how often the color temperature shifts. For more info call us 828-575-2170 or shoot us an email

Fall Photo Contest Winners!!!

Congratulations to our contest winners!!!

1st Place – Cari Rowan – Prize Lensbaby Muse (Canon or Nikon)!

2nd Place – Leslie Cothren – Prize $30 FBI Printing Gift Certificate!

3rd Place – Karl Hinterkopf – Prize One Free 20×30 Luster Print!

Honorable Mentions – Eric Lewis, Bonnie Schwartz, Sharon Mammoser, Stefanie Bonham, Eric Zetterholm, Judy Twigs, and Boady Bradley!

Thank you all who entered and we shall let you know when the next contest will take place!!!