Spring is here!!

Now that the nature around us in Asheville is starting to come back to life, it’s the perfect time to go out and capture the beautiful sights that lie around us. Flower and nature photos make great prints, and we can make sure that the colors show bright and crisp!

The NC Arboretum is a great for sightseeing this time of year- the trails and gardens show off a huge variety of different flowers! The calendar for arboretum events can be found through this link, check it out!


Its that time of year!

Hey friends, it’s that time of year again where events are picking up which in turn means more photography events and work for us.

Which means there are weekends we will be closed on Saturdays.

This is one of those weekends. You can still email your orders and they will be addressed the following business day.

Have a great weekend!


Spring is here and time to take those perfect flower photos!

Not sure where to start with taking awesome photos of flowers that are worthy of framing? Don’t worry! We got some great tips for you.

Once you have practiced and nailed down your technique, you’ve edited your image to perfection with adobe lightroom or photoshop, and you are ready to print and frame, remember that we do BOTH, not just printing, but custom picture framing as well!

Follow these tips from adobe and you can’t go wrong, good luck and can’t wait to see what you produce this spring!



Hello friends, we are bringing back to the photo contest for FBI!!

This months theme is LGBTQ+ pride

Submissions can come from all photographic disciplines and from people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, political beliefs, religion or nationality, as long as the photos represent sexual and gender diversity.

All submitted images will be carefully critiqued within the guidelines by unbiased  art collectors, photography industry professionals and peers.

Submissions will be accepted from June 4th through June 25th. The winner will be announced and contacted on June 28th.

The winner will receive an 11×14 print of their winning image. Prints will be pick up only!

Guidelines for submission

follow @french.broad.imaging on instagram & facebook

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All submission must be emailed to fbiphotocontests@gmail.com along with a link to your instagram or facebook and contact information.

Entries that are incomplete or do not adhere to the rules or specifications may be disqualified.

Be sure to share this post with your friends and we look forward to reviewing all of your submission!

HOliday photo ideas and inspiration for 2020

Once you have gathered with family and friends (carefully this year of course), and have taken so many photos and don’t know what to do with them now, let us help!! We offer a wide variety of printing options from fine art papers, metallic, rice and rag, to canvas options as well! (Including custom picture framing in house!) Want to add a little something extra to these, have our professional calligrapher give your photos an added touch that will elevate the special piece all the more!

Here is a website we just love, and love sharing some of their great tips with you!!



Take it outside

The weeks leading up to Christmas are a magical time in cities around the world. Take your photo shoot outside! Make the most of all the wonderful holiday-themed decor and place your subjects in context.

holiday photo shoot ideas 2018

Get artsy with compositions

The holiday season is also the time for arts and crafts. Play around with artistic compositions and the little details that make Christmas time so special.

christmas photo shoot ideas 2018

Document the making of

People spend an unbelievable amount of time prepping for the holidays, especially Christmas, with a proper holiday feast. Document not the beautiful dinner setting, but people working at putting together the famous family meals.

christmas photo shoot ideas 2018

If people have pets, include them

Focus on people’s pets throughout your photo shoot. These little members of the family are fun to observe, and capturing moments with them will certainly be appreciated by the people that love them and would like to preserve little memories of them being part of the festive events that are coming up.

holiday photo shoot ideas

Capture intimate moments

Candid, sentimental moments are the way to go during the holidays. Capture couples interacting and going about their day because chances are they’ll appreciate a more authentic, candid photograph over a staged shoot.

christmas photo shoot ideas 2018

Capture the wardrobe choices

Some people really go all out during the holiday season and bring out their favorite themed outfits. This is especially true for kids, so make sure to capture the little details as well.

holiday photo shoot ideas 2018

Autumn print Special!!

Are you getting some amazing shots this fall? Colors will be poppin’ soon so make your plans to get out there and shoot! shoot! shoot!!

Then bring your images to use for printing! Starting October 15 thru Oct 30 we will be running our Autumn print special! All orders over $50 receive 10% off when the print special is mentions at time of order. Any orders over $100 will receive 15% off total as well!

And because so many fall photos look great on metallic paper, we are running a special on that as well!! All metallic prints size 11×14 and up will be 15%!!

Remember you can always send in your digital images for us to process at any time day or night!

Here are some fall leaf shooting photo tips! Now get out there and have some fun!!

Expert Tips for Spectacular Fall Foliage Photography

Fall photography is all about color — red, yellow, and orange leaves, blue skies, and evergreen trees. As temperatures cool down, the warm hues of the countryside attract photographers and visitors from all over with stunning picturesque landscapes.

Although the leaf-peeping season is brief, you’ll discover tons of gorgeous scenery, such as the leaves changing from green to gold and the ground becoming blanketed with colorful fallen leaves. The autumn landscape makes the perfect background for seasonal portraits and festive family candids. Grab your camera gear and use these tips to capture some breathtaking views.

Choose your location

Expert Tips for Spectacular Fall Foliage Photography

When you live in a region surrounded by colorful trees, you don’t need to go any farther than your own backyard for fantastic fall photos. If you’re planning a fall foliage trip, you’ll need to be aware of peak viewing times for the area you’re visiting. Weather plays a major role in the timing and intensity of autumn colors in any given year, so regularly check the foliage forecast in the area and consult with local residents for the best routes and times to plan your drive in the country.

Timing is everything

Expert Tips for Spectacular Fall Foliage Photography day timeExpert Tips for Spectacular Fall Foliage Photography night time

The timing of autumn colors can impact what and where you choose to shoot. The peak of fall color is short-lived, so be prepared to head out before chilly autumn storms knock the leaves to the ground. There are plenty of great photo ops to be found before the colors peak, with patches of ambers and reds bursting out among the mostly green leaves. The post-peak season also offers attractive scenery, with yellow leaves covering the forest floor and riverbeds.

Time of day can have a drastic impact on the vibrancy of autumn colors, depending on the direction of light and the brightness of the day.

Make the most of available lighting

Make the most of Photography lighting

Outdoor photography presents a challenge in any season, with shifting clouds and unpredictable weather conditions sometimes hampering an extraordinary scene. In autumn, the midday sun and brilliant blue skies make red and orange hues pop, creating dazzling fall landscapes. If you’re looking to capture hillside vistas at scenic overlooks, plan for overcast days with white skies for stellar images. You can still get lots of magical fall photos on cloudy days — just reduce the amount of sky that’s visible in your composition.

Sunny days crank up the brightness and contrast, casting lots of deep shadows in wooded areas. If you’re taking photographs within a park or forest, use the shadows and backlit leaves for dramatic effect in your images. Remember to activate your camera’s flash when taking portraits or still-life photos to keep your subject adequately lit by filling in deep shadows.

When photographing outdoor scenes with a combination of warm and cool colors, try using a polarizing filter on your lens. A polarizing lens filter can reduce reflections from water, darken skies, and enhance cloud contrast, all of which will balance colors and make the whole scene more vivid. They are best used at right angles to the sun but also play a major role in reducing reflections on cloudy days — ultimately increasing the color saturation in your image. Simply turn the filter until you see what you like, and snap away!

Experiment with framing

Framing tips

The longer focal length lets you zoom in on specific details within a landscape scene, like a cluster of birch trees or a single golden leaf on an old tree stump. Get low and shoot a path or roadway in wider angle to exaggerate the perspective.

Isolate your subject

Isolation camera tips

Great photographs need a compelling subject. By choosing a focal point — a branch full of glowing red maple leaves or yellow leaves on a weathered picnic table — you’ll boost the visual interest in your images. Use Av (Aperture-priority) mode on your camera or select a wider aperture, around f/2.8 or f/5.6, to isolate your subject from its surroundings. The wider aperture will soften or compress the background so that your still-life subject stands out.

Slow it down

Slow it down

Great photographs need a compelling subject. By choosing a focal point — a branch full of glowing red maple leaves or yellow leaves on a weathered picnic table — you’ll boost the visual interest in your images. Use Av (Aperture-priority) mode on your camera or select a wider aperture, around f/2.8 or f/5.6, to isolate your subject from its surroundings. The wider aperture will soften or compress the background so that your still-life subject stands out.

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