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Our hours may change on a daily basis for the next few weeks as we are out in the community working on projects with clients. You can always email us your images and we will be sure to get them printed for you in a timely manner. Just keep an eye on social media for hours when we may not be here. It is always best to give us a call first whenever possible. IF it does go to voicemail, there is a VERY good chance we are not in the studio at the time.

Thursday June 3, 2019 we will be open from 1:30-6pm ONLY

We will be closed from June 16, 17,18 and 19th. And open again June 20, 21 and 22.

Please understand that we do a lot of things but will always be checking our email and voicemail and will make your project a priority!

Thank you for your continued support and growth in our new location.

Why print Quality matters

DSP Fine Art Photography
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There are always articles floating about about print quality, our friend, and talented photographer, Dave Simchock recently shared this post on his site.

Remember, here at French Broad Imaging, we provide the highest quality products with not only printing, but with custom framing as well.

Have you ever purchased, or thought about purchasing, a print from a photographer?

Did you know that not all photography prints are alike? 

Not only does the quality of the actual prints vary from one lab or printer to the next, but if you are buying “ready-to-hang” framed matted print behind glass, then there are a few other things that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

FINE ART PRINTS: When buying prints, always make sure that the photographer is providing archival-quality prints that will stand the test of time. Such prints require special paper and inks which, of course, cost more than the economy versions. The last thing  you want to do is buy a print that you believe to be a good deal, only to find that it fades in a matter of months after purchase. Archival prints are typically rated at 100+ years. So, always ask the artist if their prints are “archival”. If they are not, or the artist doesn’t know, or stumbles with with question, then beware.

DSP Fine Art PhotographyCANVAS PRINTS & UV COATINGS: Canvas gallery wraps are now very popular with fine art photographers and their buyers. And, like fine art (paper) prints, there is a wide range of quality in papers, inks, and printing processes. Many high-end photo printers can print on both paper and canvas, and would use the same archival-quality inks for both mediums. Be sure to ask about this when buying. Another very important question to ask the artist is whether their canvas prints have been sprayed / coated with a UV-protectant veneer. Some artists skip this step, as it takes more time and costs more money to prepare. As a buyer, I recommend that you inquire about this, and if the artist is not coating their canvas prints, then pass. Yes, their prices may be cheaper as a result, but the longevity of your investment may be in question.

MATTING & BACKING: This is another area where some artists cut corners in order to save on costs. Higher-end materials are “acid-free”, which help to preserve the integrity of the print. If you are buying a matted print that you will frame yourself, be sure to ask the artist if they are using acid-free materials in their mounting and matting. If not, then beware that you may be getting an inferior product that can deteriorate much quicker than it should.

UV GLASS: It is always worth investing a few more bucks into a higher-quality glass for framed prints. Usually, the glass that comes with ready-made frames is very fragile, and not UV-protective. So, if you buy a matted print from an artist (acid-free materials, of course), and you want to put it into a ready-made frame that comes with glass, it is always best to pop out the glass that comes with the frame and buy a piece of glass that is UV-protective. If you are using a standard size such as 11″ x 14″ or 16″ x 20″, then the local framing or art shop should have these readily available, and they won’t need to be cut to size. If the artist is selling their work framed and under glass, then be sure to ask them if the glass is UV-protective. As a side note, not only is the UV glass better for preserving your art, but it is also much stronger and does not break nearly as easy as the cheaper glass.

CONCLUSION: Basically, when you are buying photo art, like anything else you want to be an informed consumer. If you go to a lot of art shows, there is often a good reason why some fine art photographers are more expensive than others, and that reason goes beyond their professional reputation. It is often a reflection of the quality of the materials that they use in presenting their work, and not just the quality of the images themselves. There is, indeed, a difference between investing in a piece of artwork, and buying a poster.

The moral of the story is… Always ask questions when making an art purchase. It’s just not worth saving a few dollars only to find that the great deal you picked up at the local art show is only going to survive a year or two, or less, on your living room or office wall.

To see more from our talented friend, Dave Simchock, please visit his site!


Ready for Mothers Day?

Have you even thought about what to gift Mom, Grandma, Sister, Auntie (or whomever you adore) for Mother’s Day yet? We are offering a special from April 20 through April 30 only. Purchase prints size 11×14 (or larger) and have us frame them, get 20% off TOTAL order! It’s better than any coupon you can go use at the big box stores by the time you are done! We offer in house customized framing to meet your needs and create something your loved one will truly cherish forever!

Not a photographer but want a great photo to GIVE? Talk to us, we have several photographers we work with and surly will have one to meet your style!

AND, want to add a little flair to the piece? We have also have an in house, world renowned calligrapher who could add a special touch to the mat board: name, dates, location, or a little note.

Sometimes it’s just a face a mother could love!

Just a thought!

Learn a new skill

Want to learn how to use Lightroom? Once you do, it can change the way you edit! From importing and exporting to workflow and all things in between.

We are offering the first in a series of courses starting in April. This four week class will cover everything you need to get started with the basics for Lightroom. Hosted from 6pm-8pm each Wednesday evening at Texture Gallery & Art Bar .

New Location, New Beginnings

New Owners of French Broad Imaging
We have always been fans and customers of French Broad Imaging but never did we imaging that one day, we would have the the opportunity to be a part of this well loved business!
We have brought French Broad Imaging into our art home in West Asheville. You can find FBI now INSIDE Texture Gallery & Art Bar. We offer the same high quality and service that Tony & Patrick have for years. We are not here to “fill shoes” but to move forward and bring our own take on things while maintaining the integrity of the entity we are taking over.

In fact, Patrick is still on hand for special projects as needed. And Jim Donohoo is on hand to help out with canvas stretching and slide scanning. Plus, he will be taking on the role of photo editing instructor, teaching classes here in our classroom.

Since FBI is now under our roof, we are also able to offer all of our clients more services, such as an in-house sales area to bring your clients for meetings (instead of coffee shops). AND we have been doing custom picture framing for years and now are pleased to be able to offer everything under one roof to you!

Many of our fellow photogs in the Asheville community know us, since we have been around town since 1998. But for those of you who do not now us, this is a quick run down. If you want to know more about us, come in and have a chat, we are friendly folks. We are a solid husband and wife team who work very well together in every aspect of life and work.
Manuel is an internationally known letter artist and teacher, calligraphy is his main focus. He is also a professional picture framer for over 14 years. He often helps shoot at events as second shooter and really knows his stuff. Patrice is more than likely the face you will see when you come into the gallery. She started with her first camera in 1989 and continues to love what she does. Often traveling for photography work she covers the entire east coast from upstate NY to New Orleans working with a wide variety of people at events of all types and often works with celebrities during these trips. She also teaches mixed media art at the Art Bar.
As a team who as been married since 2000, we work very well together in all aspects and love what we do. One of the many things we love to do is attend Comic-Cons and have fun! (see photo above), cooking with friends and exploring new places (all with cameras in hand!)

We are a One-Stop-Shop!
You can find us at 1516 Patton Ave Asheville, NC.
We have regular hours from Tue-Sat from 10:30am-6pm, but on occasion, we have to leave to meet our own photography clients on site.
It’s ok to call ahead to make sure we are here.
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