HOliday photo ideas and inspiration for 2020

Once you have gathered with family and friends (carefully this year of course), and have taken so many photos and don’t know what to do with them now, let us help!! We offer a wide variety of printing options from fine art papers, metallic, rice and rag, to canvas options as well! (Including custom picture framing in house!) Want to add a little something extra to these, have our professional calligrapher give your photos an added touch that will elevate the special piece all the more!

Here is a website we just love, and love sharing some of their great tips with you!!


Take it outside

The weeks leading up to Christmas are a magical time in cities around the world. Take your photo shoot outside! Make the most of all the wonderful holiday-themed decor and place your subjects in context.

holiday photo shoot ideas 2018

Get artsy with compositions

The holiday season is also the time for arts and crafts. Play around with artistic compositions and the little details that make Christmas time so special.

christmas photo shoot ideas 2018

Document the making of

People spend an unbelievable amount of time prepping for the holidays, especially Christmas, with a proper holiday feast. Document not the beautiful dinner setting, but people working at putting together the famous family meals.

christmas photo shoot ideas 2018

If people have pets, include them

Focus on people’s pets throughout your photo shoot. These little members of the family are fun to observe, and capturing moments with them will certainly be appreciated by the people that love them and would like to preserve little memories of them being part of the festive events that are coming up.

holiday photo shoot ideas

Capture intimate moments

Candid, sentimental moments are the way to go during the holidays. Capture couples interacting and going about their day because chances are they’ll appreciate a more authentic, candid photograph over a staged shoot.

christmas photo shoot ideas 2018

Capture the wardrobe choices

Some people really go all out during the holiday season and bring out their favorite themed outfits. This is especially true for kids, so make sure to capture the little details as well.

holiday photo shoot ideas 2018

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