Quarantined? Now what?

With the Nation (and most of the world) on lock-down for a few weeks, hopefully not much longer than that, what will you do with your time? I’m not putting these in any specific order, just a few ideas to start out.

Well, here are a few suggestions:



It may not be your favorite past time,but it has to be done at some point. Maybe even a good deep cleaning, get out the step stools and clean the tops of the blinds and drapes. Reach to the far corners of the rooms, and be sure to get the fan blades as well. Have you changed your A/C filter yet? There are plenty of house cleaning supplies that you can make/use if you run out of the standard store bought stuff.

Bonus: pretty much germ free (at least for a while) and smells good!


Photo by Matan Segev on Pexels.com

If you can, this will be a great time to sit down and start working on the backlog of images you keep putting off or have forgotten about.



Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels.com

If it’s something you are interested in, there are a ton of places to take a wide variety of courses, from home. Everything from art classes and tutorials to adding a new skill that is related to your career or job, a new language, a new craft, hobby, and just about anything else.


Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Grab that yoga mat, jump on that treadmill, lift those kettle bells!! I’ll cheer you on from afar! But I’ll be honest with you, I am not that disciplined to work out daily at home, but I know plenty of folks who are. So if it makes you feel good, then do it! (I really should do more myself)

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